Stepparent Adoption in Pennsylvania

Are you a stepparent residing with your spouse’s child? Are you seeking to become an official parent under the law?. Often times, this situation leads to questions about adoption rights, or making your new family “official” in the eyes of the law. Maybe all members of the family are on board with the idea, or perhaps there are a few hold ups. Whatever the situation, stepparent adoption opens up many questions.

The first step in the stepparent adoption process in Pennsylvania is determining whether or not the child’s parents will consent to the adoption. Although the stepparent adoption process is smoother when a parent consents, it is not absolutely necessary to obtain consent from a parent to proceed with a stepparent adoption. However, if a parent is not willing to consent to the adoption, it still may be possible for the adoption to occur. Having a skilled, knowledgeable adoption law attorney on your side is crucial in stepparent adoption cases regardless of whether the parents consent to the adoption.

What Rights Exist for Stepparents in Pennsylvania?

Stepparents in Pennsylvania do have rights. Stepparents can file a claim for visitation or custody of the child under certain circumstances. Additionally, stepparents can be a placement option if a child has been neglected or abused by a parent and a court determines that the child is dependent under the law. Additionally, stepparents have the right to file for legal adoption of the child. This is most frequently the case when a stepparent resides with the custodial parent, and is looking to become an official parent under law.

Sometimes the process can be simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated, but other times, stepparent adoption requires intense litigation and even an involuntary termination of parental rights. It is important to have an experienced knowledgeable adoption law attorney on your side guiding you through every step in the process. Regardless of the situation, if you have questions about stepparent adoption, Hynum Law is able to answer them and provide solid representation to make the process smoother. We regularly fight for the rights of stepparents in Pennsylvania, with the end goal of making your family complete.

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